Digital product designer
ever since Sketch and InVision were in beta (good ol’ 2014)


Software engineer
technology agnostic circa 2015

Around 2019 we decided to

(into the void)

we created a digital product agency thinking the best years of our professional lives were right ahead of us: a lot clients, an office in a soon-to-be gentrified area with adopted dogs and cats and a huge amount of amazing and recognized projects.

In summer 2019 we launched the first project with the D&D seal, a website for Serifalaris 2019, a design conference in Bilbao, a project where we worked for Marina Goñi, developing the website and designing the mobile version.

When 2020 started with lots of meetings and budget requests, we thought the universe was going to hear our prayers...


The universe changed its Facebook status to “It's complicated”. The pandemic started, and all the projects and accepted budgets halted for months: Dunkelheit & Draper was about to disappear.

Heartbroken, we spent weeks thinking what to do next. We looked for new additions for our team while we looked for full-time jobs, we tested the waters on different studios and agencies and we re-imagined our project inside out.

Kalte started working on Figma, Carlos learned to use web builders and now we reconcile full time jobs with side-projects and content creation in YouTube, Instagram and Twitch, among others.