Figma Accessibility Plugins: Your Secret Weapon for Inclusive Design

Do you like improving your designs to be more accessible, friendly and open to everyone? We know it's hard to start doing it and it's hard to validate if you're doing it right but with the right tools it's a bit easier to do it. Kalte has curated a list of plugins for Figma so […]

Offline is online with extreme latency

Do we understand offline state management right? What if we changed the way we think about it? Great article proposing a new framework: let’s think offline is just having bad connection or the worst internet connection ever. Let’s program with that in mind not with a long-running state maintained with the server.

Angular is getting signals

If you know VueJS you will be familiar with them. It’s something new that will take time to get used to but it’s great for Angular performance and use. Have fu

“We can’t send an email farther than 500miles”

In this small story we get a glimpse of what debugging and fixing an invisible bug is in the real life and how small changes can have huge consequences. It’s funny, but it makes you think. is dead

MariaDb and its death is probably a must-use plot for a new HBO show. The meetings, the racism, the sexism allegations and more have ended up with a company about to go bankrupcy and a product being reconverted to full open source. Must read.

Cost of context switching

What’s the problem with interrupting someone when it’s in the ‘zone’? Interesting article about the cost of context switching, breaking someone’s pace when working, whether coding or not. Also a few ways of improving our resilience and tips on how to handle those situations. Share immediately on Slack.

Fixing The Way We Create On The Web

In terms of playing around with another no-code product for doing websites, I was thrilled about what I could create here, so probably it would be nice to discover the app together on Twitch. What do you think? I will let you show their CEO present a keynote about the product and the website for […]

Is pivoting to a UX career a dead end?

Honestly, as a job seeker in 2020 and 2021, I didn’t recommend much pivoting to this side of the industry nowadays, if you want to have money I would let you think about pivoting to development, but probably Carlos has one or two things to say about it, anyway I let you meet the thoughts […]

AI expert Emily Bender on the open letter against ChatGPT evolving

In other news, you have probably read we are going to be eaten by huge robots controlled by ChatGPT in about 10 minutes right? well, Emily Bender, author of “Stochastic Parrots”, one the most referenced papers on LLMs and AI, wrote in Mastodon an later in Medium about the open letter we heard about a […]

A path to become a better dev: few skills you should try to learn

When starting as a developer, you may find yourself in a position where seniors or mid-level engineers guide you through the path of learning and improving your skills. Sometimes it is a wide path with multiple technologies, paradigms and projects, but sometimes you can end up using the same tech, architectures and solutions over and […]




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